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Saturday 12th January
1.5km, 2.5km, 5km and 10km - Oxigen Kupa - Debrecen
The OXIGÉN KUPA is a family friendly winter race through woods. It offers two children's races and two adult. The course is a looped 2.5km route.
Information. - Facebook.
Sun 13th January
TRAIL - 4.6km, 9.2km and 18.4km - Tákányi Hegyifutó - Felsőtárkány near Eger
A trail run over hills and forests. Loops of 4.6 or 4.9km.

Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay, 5km, 10km, 15km, HM + 5km, HM + 10km and HM + 10km + 5km - Zúzmara Futófesztivál - Budapest
A flat winter run partially around a horse racing track. This year offering every flavor of distance that you may wish for! Part of Félmaraton Mánia.
Information - Facebook Sat 19th January
197km ULTRA - Tótágas Ultra Téli Balaton Kör - Balatonvilágos
Looks like a DIY event to go all the way around Balaton.
Registration - Facebook

10km, 4km - Futapest - Etyek

Starting at 11:00am in a little settlement west of Hungary there will be a cross-country race whose character changes each year with the weather (if the pictures from Facebook are accurate!). Looks like fun

Facebook - Website

Sun 20th January
Half Marathon, 5km and 10km - 3rd Violin Maraton - Kecskemét
A winter run through the town of Kecskemet. There is a musical theme and seems very community orientated..
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Sat 26th January
TRAIL 8-15km - Tihany TRAIL - Tihany
A hilly trail run over the beautiful Tihany peninsula.
Information - Facebook - GPX
Sun 27th January
TRAIL 15km and 29km - Téli Börzsöny Trail - Zebegény on the Danube Bend
Trail run within easy rail access of Budapest. The longer route has a wonderful 1100m of incline! Gnarly!

TRAIL 14km or 7km - Winter Trail Sprint 2019 - Tököl Parkerdő 1 hour south of BP by car
Venture just outside of Budapest for this race.
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Saturday 2nd February
Trail Run - 10 or 17.3km
4th Tajga Trail - Budakeszi
Two quite different but dedicated trail routes are on offer here. 500m of elevation for the 17.3 km race.
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Saturday 9th February
1.5km, 2.5km, 5km and 10km - OXIGÉN KUPA - Debrecen
The OXIGÉN KUPA is a family friendly winter race through woods. It offers two children's races and two adult. The course is a looped 2.5km route.
Information. - Facebook.

Ultra - 100km, 55km, 45km
5th Szederkény-Bóly 100 km race - Szederkény near Pecs
A barmy looking ultra with a decent amount of accent near Pecs!
Information - Facebook - Registration Gödöllő - Téli Margita . This is a race with distances up to 100km Website Sunday 10th February
TRAIL 4.6km, 9.2km and 18.4km
Tákányi Hegyifutó - Felsőtárkány near Eger
A trail run over hills and forests. Loops of 4.6 or 4.9km.
Half Marathon Kométa 9. Farsangi Félmaraton - Kaposvar
A half marathon south of Balaton. Website Saturday 23rd February Tunnel Run - Half Marathon, 7.4km and Family Distances Budapest - BBU Föld Alatti Futás . Three loops of 7.4km with a alien filled tunnel Facebook - Registration - Blog
Human and dog race 3.5km, 5km, 7km and 10km
Havas Futam 2019 - Kakucs SE of Budapest
A fun celebration of running with your furry friend. Family friendly and a range of distances to choose. This year on a flat course.
Facebook - Information


Saturday 9th March 1.5km, 2.5km, 5km and 10km - OXIGÉN KUPA - Debrecen
The OXIGÉN KUPA is a family friendly winter race through woods. It offers two children's races and two adult. The course is a looped 2.5km route.
Information. Sunday 10th March TRAIL and ULTRA 14.5km, 20.9km, 39km 50.6km ENSPORT VÉRTES TEREP MARATON - Szár west of Budapest For the love of trails! This seems to be an excellent celebration of getting up into some hills and enjoying nature. All the way up to a 50.6km options offer some serious challenge! Information Saturday 16th March Obstacle 9km+ BakonyRUN 4.0 - TBD
Designed as a muddy route with multiple obstacles. Facebook Saturday 23rd March Recode Running Festival - Budapest
Not a race but a celebration of running by Adidas with talks for runners. Part of a worldwide event. Facebook 21st - 24th March ULTRA 196km, 48km, 53km, 43.6km and 51.3km Spuri Balaton Szupermaraton and Ultramaratonok - Siófok/ Fonyód/ Badacsony/ Balatonfüred A legendary race in Hungary. Over multiple days can you run all the way around Balaton? What an absolutely awesome challenge? If the distance feels too much for you, have a look at the team or reduced distance options and take part in this celebration of running in Hungary. Locations change on each day, planning is required for this race. There are many more distances and races connected to this race than can clearly be put in this list, essentially any and every way of chopping the route up can be ran. Information Friday 22nd March Half Marathon - 21km Spuri Öböl Félmaraton 2019 - Keszthely A half marathon which forms a part of the events around Balaton at this time. A part of the Felmaraton Mania series of events. Information Sunday 30th March FAMILY 0.4km - 1.5km TRAIL 7.5km, 15km and 26km GERECSE TAVASZI TEREPFUTÁS 2019 - Baj West of Budapest, near Tata Three trail runs which allow you to explore and enjoy the Gerecse hills. Information HALF MARATHON - 5km, 10km and 21km Mandulatündér Csajos Futófesztivál Túra Balatonakali Red Hot Run - Balatonakali The information we could find mostly suggests that this is a female only race. We will update this entry once we have more information. Registration - Facebook

TRAIL – 11km, 24km, and 48km
multiNavigátor – Pilis Trail 2019Piliscsaba
A punishing/rewarding romp around the Pilis hills. Easy access from Budapest by train. My introduction to trail running in Hungary.

OBSTICAL – 13km+ 24-29 Obstacles, Hurricane Heat and Junior
Nagykanizsa Spartan 2019NAGYKANIZSA
A branded obstacle event in the west of Hungary.

HALF MARATHON – 21km, 10km, 5km and Children’s races.
25. Vásárhelyi Családi Futófesztivál és Félmaraton - Kecskemét
A family running festival in the lovely Kecskemét south-east of Budapest.
Email: kecskemeti-vasarhelyi@sulinet.hu - Information

Sunday 31st March 2018

MARATHON – Marathon, 31.6km, Half Marathon, 10.5km and 5.27km
IX. Rotary FutófesztiválDebrecen
A city marathon in Hungary’s second city. This race has every possibly distance you could wish for up to marathon. There is also a hand bike race and marathon relay.
InformationRegistration - Facebook

MARATHON - 42km, 21km, 10.5km and 6km
A well organised marathon on the shore of lake Balaton. 4 loops of a switchback route.
Website - Facebook


Saturday 6th April

TRAIL - 4.5km
Csobánc VerticalGyulakeszi
4.5km with a 400m accent. A short steep sprint next to the Balaton.

RACE - 5.6km and 11.2km
Happy Hippie Running Day Dilifutam - Zirc, Bagolyvár
A fun sounding race which dosen't take itself too seriously! This race tried for a 'hippy vibe'.
Information and registration.

OBSTICLE - 4km and 8km
3rd Ke Cross Run - Kaposvár
Army themed obsticle run south of Balaton.
Information - Facebook

ROAD RACE - 4km, 7km, 14km and 21km

7km route (3 laps for 21km) along the shore of lake Balaton. Part of the Ötpróba series.

Facebook - Website

Sunday 7th April

HALF MARATHON - 5km, 12km and 21km
3rd Dunakanyar Félmaraton - Nagymaros
Run along the north bank of the Danube, then rise above it for a beautiful panarama, in this race within easy access from Budapest.
Information - Map

MARATHON - 10km, 21km and 42km
4th Kis-Duna MaratonRáckeve
Hug the Danube south of Budapest on this Marathon Race.
Information - Route

TRAIL - 42km, 21km and 14km (significant incline with each)

BUMM Hegyvidék Terepmaraton - Csillebérc, Budapest

Explore the Buda hills around Normafa and behind Janos Hegy, you know, those ones that you always gaze at from the city but seem impenetrable from the severity of their incline. Turns out they are not! Prove it to yourself by running this race, only a simple bus ride away.

Facebook - Website

Saturday 13th April

ULTRA TRAIL - Loops of 12.3km up to 123km
Tubes Ultra Trail - Pécs
An interesting race in 'Mediterranean' Pécs. Loops of 12.3km have you exploring the trails and hills above the city. There is no fixed start time, you just do as much as you want, when you want, for as long as you want. Beware! there is over 400m of accent with each loop.
Information - Map

MULTI-SPORT EVENT - 10km and 20km (with cycling and walking events too!)

An event which looks like it has beautiful landscapes and architecture but a complecated and confusing website. Don't let that disuade you from what looks to be a nice community event in the middle of nowhere! (Note: the non-running events seem to be spread over three days 12th - 14th April).

Website - Facebook

Sunday 14th April

HALF MARATHON – 21km, 10km and 7km (on the Saturday)
34th Vivicitta Félmaraton - Budapest
A part of Félmaratonmánia and an important (and fun!) date for running in the capital, the Vivicitta is every runner’s opportunity to celebrate another year of running in Budapest. (Note: on the BSI registration pages it is advised that one use the Magyar version of the site.)
Information - Facebook

Trail - Children race, 5km, 10km, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon

Veszprém Trail - Veszprém

Run around the trails of Veszprem - the 'City of Queens'.

Facebook - Registration

Saturday 20th April

RACE - 1.4km loops up to 21km.
2nd Edelényi Kastélysziget Körök - Edeleny
Around the site of a moat-protected palace, this race is a lovely example of the oportunities of running in Hungary if you are able to go that little bit further afield. The route is a 1.4km loop which may not apeal to some, but the location and the opotunity to run and race somewhere new and spectacular will be just the ticket for others!

Sunday 21st April

RACE - 5.2km, 10.4km, 15.6km and 20.8km
14th Rock And Roll Futás - Velence
One of Balaton's little cousins, Velence is a lake only an hour on the train from Budapest. You will need to go a little further to get ot the start of this race, but if you are looking for a small race up to 20km then this one might be it!

Saturday 27th April

??? - Tihany

A new project by the organisers of the Tihanyi Félmaraton. Exciting!

Website for more information.

HALF MARATHON - 3km, 10.5km and half marathon.
3rd Fuss Neki Futófesztivál - Balatonlelle, Móló stny
A half marathon in one of the most beautiful towns on the south shore of Balaton.
Information - Facebook

ROAD RUNNING - 8-15-21-28km + 13km 'field run'
11th Káli Futás: Káli Butique Kalandfutás - Kővágóörs
With a wide range of race distances sutable for any level of runner and situated on picturesque north bank of the Balaton, this event is a hot tip for anyone interested Hungarian foot-races. The route - it seems - takes you through villages. The website also states that if there is interest there may be an additional 'Duathalon' event on the Sunday!

Sunday 28th April

(ULTRA) TRAIL - 16km, 57km and 57km team.
Esztergom Trail & Ultra Trail - Vaskapu
Esztergom is one of the wonders of Hungary. The Basilica is a genuine marvel. Why not turn your back to all that and spend a good few hours attacking the formidable assents on the wooded trails behind the city! Esztergom is easily accessable from Budapest by public transport.
Information - Facebook

HALF MARATHON 4km, 14km and half marathon
5th Eurofamily Liget Félmaraton - Ajka
Each loop is 7km on this race north of Balaton situated in the hills of Bakony. TovaFutok released a video for this race which looks amazing, click here for this.
Information - Facebook

Futapest félmaraton és terepfutás - Szigetmonostor
Part of the Futapest series of training and race events. On Szentendre Sziget, just north of Budapest.

TRAIL - 12.5km, 17.5km and 29.5km
Nyúlcipőbolt Mecsek Trail - Almásgödör
Expect lush green fields and forrests on this nature-tastic trail run to the south of Budapest!

MARATHON – 42km, 30km and 8km (with 2-8 person relay)
2nd Szeged Maraton - Szeged
In its second incarnation, the Szeged Marathon looks to build on last year's race where they collected 200,000 HUF for a Leukemia Foundation. Hungary's third largest city, it has a wealth of interesting sights and well worth a visit!


Wednesday 1st May

ULTRA – 50km
2nd PFB-Omszkiultra Budakalász
An easy-to-access race up to 50km distance. The route is a short 1.2km loop around a lake. Individual and two person team options available.

Saturday 4th May

HALF MARATHON – 2.5km, 10.5km and 21km
4th Nagyerdei FélmaratonDebrecen
A half marathon in Hungary's second city

OBSTACLE – 7km and 14km
Tor - Terrain Obstacle Race - Várvölgy
A new obstacle course north west of Balaton. Looks like the number of obstacles will make this one a real challenge!
Website - Facebook

TRAIL and ROAD – 5km, 11km (Road) and 21km (some Trail)
Zsámbékfutás -Zsámbék
This race takes you through the hills and winerys west of Budapest. The course is on road and gravel, after the race why not put your feet up and have a 'refreshing' glass of wine?!
Website - Facebook

Sunday 5th May

TRAIL – 46km
Compressport 2 Up 2 Down – Mátra
There would be no better way to spend a day than going up, down, up and finally down the impressive Mátra mountain range - I bet. If you agreed with the previous statment and the 46km distance doesn't phase you then this race might be for you!
Website - Facebook

ROAD RACE - 21km and 10km (and shorter distances)

Part of the Ötpróba series of events. In the very north west of the country (we have visited the town and it is nice!) this race offers distances up to half marathon. The website is in English!


Friday 10th May

FAMILY RACE – 0.5km, 3.2km and 6.4km
Csicsergő A Zöldek Ura Jótékonysági Futam - Csepel / Daru
This is a family and charity event staged just to the south of Budapest. The focus here is on fun, family and charity!

Friday 10th May -> Sunday 12th May

ROAD RUNNING – 220km (individual and team) and 1/2 Marathon on the Saturday
13th NN UltrabalatonBalatonaliga
This is the ultimate individual and team running event in Hungary. One loop around Balaton which you can tackle over a number of days.

Sunday 12th May

RACE – 2 km, 3.5 km, 7 km and 14 km.
Tata Tó Futás ~ Tata
A small run around Tata lake, you will get to see the interesting lake castle that is here as you wiz past!
Website (last year's information)

Race - 15km

15ev 15km EU Futas - Location not released

No details yet for this race.


Saturday 18th May

TRAIL – 8km, 11km and 21km
Ezüst Erdő Trail - Mozsgó / Baranya megye – Mozsgói
I was unable to find any further information at this time (November 2018), this entry will be updated when further details can be found. If you know anything about this race please contact me.

TRAIL – 5km and 10km
Futapest terepfutás - Mátraháza -> Kékestető
Part of the Futapest series of races and training sessions.

RUNNING AND CYCLING - Running distances, 8 km, 15 km and 24 km

Part of the Ötpróba series of events. Explore the border zones that - not too long ago - only guards were able to tred.

Facebook - Website - Registration

Sunday 19th May

ROAD RUNNING – 0.7km, 2.1km, 5km and 10km
24th ALDI Női FutógálaNépliget
Budapest's women's race returns for another year. There are the above range of distances and a route in a different location than most in the city!
Website - Facebook

Saturday 25th May

TRAIL – 2km, 5km and 21km
13th Fóti Futi - Futi Lake
Starting at a lake on the outskirts of Budapest this race offers forrest and fields on a relatively flat course.
Website - Facebook

ROAD RUNNING - 3km, 7km, 11km, 21km
Tihanyi Félmaraton - Tihany This deceptively hilly 'half-marathon' is a real treat. Tihany is lovely. The race is well organised and has an excelent race village for an event of this size. The distances are a little approximate from my experience of the event in 2018. Part of the Ötpróba series of events.
Information - Route for 1/2

Sunday 26th May

ULTRA PARK RUN - 1hour, 3hours or 6hours.
5th Kalocsai 1-3-6 Órás FutásÉrsekkert
An interesting race where the limit is time not distance. Positions are judged by the distance you are able to run in one, three or six hours on a simple route through a park.
Website - Facebook

ROAD RACE - 7km, 14km and 21km
POLAR KENESE FUTAM - Balatonkenese

Part of the Ötpróba series of events. What looks to be a road race around Balaton.

Website - Facebook


Saturday 1st June

ULTRA – 200km
Békéscsaba <-> Arad SzupermaratonBékéscsaba
Technically (OK! actually) entering Romania, this race is a cross-border beast!
Website - Facebook

ROAD – 12km
22nd Kékes Csúcsfutás - Mátrafüred -> Kékestető
A very popular hill race out of Budapest.
Website - Facebook

Sunday 9th June

There will be a new race on this day by the people who organise the Tihanyi Félmaraton. This will be updated as soon as there is more information.

ULTRA TRAIL – 112km & 85km & 54km
Salomon Ultra Trail Hungary, Szentlászló Trail & Szentendre Trail – Szentendre
Already sold out for 2019, this is the ultimate trail running challenge.
Ultra - Szentlászló - Szentendre - Facebook

Sunday 16th June

26th Maraton És Félmaraton Váltó - Budapest - BSI

Organised by BSI there is little information out for this race as yet.

Saturday 22nd June

8th BRUTÁLFUTÁS – Nyáregyháza
7km of mud, and reasons to fall into the mud.

TRAIL - 7km, 14km and 21km
2nd Fedrid Császta TrailEdelény
A trail run in a wine growing region of North East Hungary. Start at a wonderful palace and then work you way through vines, hills and woods. 1 loop = 7km.
Website - Facebook

Sunday 23rd June

TRAIL - 3km, 5km, 10km and 20km
2nd Rácalmási Szigetfutás - Rácalmás/Jankovich Kúria
Google translates one part of the website as "Become one with nature ... while running!" which sounds good to me! You will run along the Danube, and around one of it's many islands.
Website - Facebook

Saturday 29th June

RUN – 5km and 15.5km
Futapest terepfutás 1. nap - Köveskál - korosztályos
A Fudapest trail run. Note: there is a second day on Monday 1st July.

Sunday 30th June

Tunnel RUN? - Distances up to 21km

Szent László Napi Futás - Budapest

Details are not yet relased for this race, keep an eye on RCHU's social media for updates.



Saturday 13th July

RACE – 4km and 10km
Teliholdfutam - Esztergom
A 10km race in the lovely city of Esztergom.
Website - Facebook

Sunday 14th July

RACE – 0.7km, 3.5km, 7km, 14km and 21km
4th PFB - SKANZENFUTÁSSzentendre
A family friendly event with a full range of distances. In the lovely and historical town of Szentendre.
Website - Facebook

Sunday July 28th

HALF MARATHON – 21km and 2 x 10.5km
2nd Monorerdei Futófesztivál - Monorierdő
A cosy half marathon on the trail line out of Budapest.
Website - Facebook


Saturday 3rd August

ULTRA – 12km, 24km, 43,3km, 87km and 110km
Dynafit Lynx Trail - Nógrádi vár
Offering "100% adventure" this ultra trail series explores the Börzsöny mountain range. Distances for all would be trail runners make this a more accessable event than other major Ultra Trail events.
Website - Facebook

EVENT - 3,5km and 15,5km
Futapest időfutam - Szólád
An event connected to the Futapest group.

Saturday 10th August

MARATHON & ULTRA - 14km, 28km, 42km, 252km
Deseda 1/3-Ad, 2/3-Ad És Éjszakai Maraton - Kaposvár, Deseda-tó
"Hungary's longest non-stop running race" last seems to have run in 2017 but with details suggesting a rerun in 2019 this might be one to keep an eye on! Offering other shorter distances this is a comprehensive festival of running.
Website - Facebook

Sunday 11th August

TRAIL - 11km and 22km
5th Szavanna TrailPákozd
Who cares that it is likely to be over 30 degrees centigrade on the thermometer, that just makes running this trail run even more desireable... Right?! Well, the name probably says enough about this event, the fact that Lake Velence is only a hop, skip and a jump (and splash?) away is a bonus!
Website - Facebook

Monday 19th August

OBSTICAL TRAIL - 6km+ & 12km+
Jász TerepfutásJásztelek
A family run event which is continually looking to improve. This race takes you over the flat Great Hungarian Plain... Easy right? Well, ingenious use of natural features (you will have to ford/swim across a river!) and inconvenient obsticals makes this a fun challenge for anyone.
Website - Facebook

Information regarding this event was a little light at the time of writing this. Keep an eye on the website for further details. We will update as soon as we have an update.
Website - Facebook

Tuesday 20th August

RACE - 5,2km, 10.4km and 15,6km
5th Bence-Hegyi Rock'n Roll FutásVelence
A looped (x4 for Half) event a little way away from Lake Velence.

Sunday 25th August

Road Race – 3km, 7km, 14km and 22,5km
7th Nyakvágó-Futás, Félmaraton+ - Ballószög
An event on the Great Hungarian Plain.
Website - Facebook


Sunday 1st September

Obstacle Race - 5km
Crazy 5km - Felfújható Akadály Futóverseny - Győr

Did you get banned from slides as a child? Well, now as a running adult, you can make up for lost time!
Website - Facebook

HALF MARATHON - 0.3km 5km 10.5km and 21km

5th UFÓ – Utcai Futás Ócsán SE - Ócsa

A community event with an interesting name (as they mention in their description ;-) )!


TRAIL (hiking and cycling) - 7km, 14km and 21km

Salföld Trail - Salföld

Running, cycling and hiking north of Balaton!
Route - Website - Facebook - Other Facebook -

Saturday 7th September

HALF MARATHON - 13.5km and 21km

10th Bólyi Szüreti Vesszőfutás - Bólyi

A fun little community event near Mohács.


TRAIL - 4km, 8km and 15km

Kisnémedi - Vácduka Trail Run - Kisnémedi

Come to this event to "test your strength and endurance". Run along the historically famous for the road lined with lime trees that has existed since the 1800s!


TRAIL - 1.4km, 8km, 15km and 21km

Sümeg Trail - Kisfaludy Sándor tér

A "real, peaceful and family-friendly" half-marathon trail run north-west of Balaton.

Website - Facebook

ULTRA - 5-(5*10)-10-21-50-100km


Fancy combining your running with the the beautiful countryside offered by Vinyards?

Website - Facebook

Sunday 8th September

34th Wizz Air Budapest FélmaratonBudapest
Budapest's named half marathon is always a good event to start the Autumn race season. Can also be ran in a pair or trio.
Website - Facebook

Saturday 14th September

HALF MARATHON – 6km, 9km and 21km
4th Mapei Szigligeti Félmaraton - Szigligeti Strand
Sister to the Tihanyi Félmaraton in May. This race, set in beautiful part of Lake Balaton is set to be a stunner!
Website - Facebook

OBSTACLE+ ROAD RACE - 3km and 8km + 5km, 10km, 16km, 25.5km and 31km

ATOMfutás and brutálATOM - Paks

With 20+ obstacles the BrutalATOM event looks like it is going to be a well organised, muddy and exceedingly punishing affair! Set in the sights of a nuclear power station even doing the road race will be a memorable experience.

ATOM website, BRUTAL website, Facebook, Registration

ROAD RACE - 400m, 5km and 10km

3rd Ceglédberceli futófesztivál - Ceglédbercel

A lovely sounding comminity event with a really nice attitude to the children's event not too far from Budapest.


CHARITY ROAD RACE - 1km, 21km and relays
Coloplast Jótékonysági Félmaraton és Minimaraton futóverseny - Ceglédbercel

A charity event in connection with Coloplast.

Website, Facebook

TRAIL MARATHON + Cycling - 11km, 21km 42km and relays.

Dombajó futó és kerékpáros terepverseny - Kehidakustány

A new entry into the plethora of running events in Hungary and one which seems to very excited to be putting on an event. The route looks cool!

Facebook, Website

Fut a Sárvár Gurul a Sárvár - Sárvár
Around the historic Sárvár castle open to all the family! Free!

RACE - 3km, 7.5km, 13.5km
Fuss, Hogy Mások is Túlélhessék! - Keszthely
A road race which seems to be connected to the Hungarian air ambulence.
Facebook, Registration

TRAIL - 14km
Gete Trail 3.0 - Dorog
A trail running event which goes on part of the 'Blue' national hiking trail which goes the length of Hungary.

TRAIL - 7.5km, 15km, 22km
2nd Hollókői Várfutás - 'Old Village Enterence' Hollókő
Fancy a trail run in the middle of no-where? This one has you covered! Hollókő is a beautiful village and a famous place to visit. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its name means "Raven-stone" in Hungarian.
Facebook - Registration

MARATHON - 0.3km, 0.9km, 1.5km, 5km, 10km, 21.1km, and 42.2km
Keszi Maraton - Tiszakeszi
Organised since 2011 the Keszi Maraton has every distance you can possibly imagine, this event in the east of Hungary looks like it could be a lot of fun!
Website - Registration

DOGGIE RACE + TRAIL ULTRA - 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km, 84km
2nd ORSZÁG KÖZEPE - Terepfutás - félmaraton - maraton - ultramaraton - Pusztavacs
Looking for an event which is dog friendly? How about a challenging 84km which is "another gem for Hungary and runners"?
Dog & Human Website - Human Race Website

MARATHON - 600m, 1.6km, 5km, 10km, 21km and 42km
4th Rétközi Futóverseny - Nagyhalászi
A community event in the east of Hungary.

COMMUNITY 10KM - 0.4km, 1km, 2km, 5km and 10km
Második Szigetszentmártoni Futónap - Szigetszentmártoni
A lovely little event south of Budapest. Cycle down there, or you can get to on public transport and the island itself is an interesting visit; a sense of rural Hungary within Budapest!
Facebook - Registration

DIRT ROAD AND ASPHALT - 6km, 12km and 17km
9th Templomfutás - Zsámbék
Just to the west of Budapest Zsámbék has a history stretching back to Paleolithic times. Only 30km from the city, but an option wonderful (if tiring!) countryside escape! Note: the 'Templom' in the name of the race is a much destroyed and currently ruined church!

Sunday 15th September

HALF MARATHON - 2km, 7km, 14km and 21km
Bridgestone Budaörs Half Marathon - Budaörs
Well organised road race with a rubber-based sponser! You can't get much better than that! Oh, yeah and it is not far from Budapest.

RACE - 2km, 5km and 12km
Futapest Halmi-erdő - Budapest (Kastélydombi Elementary School)
Futapest are back with another of their series of crosscountry events. Free this weekend? Then you have no excuse! It is in Budapest and as cheap as chips!
Website - Facebook

ROAD RACE - 1km, 3km, 7km, 14km, 21km and 28km
5th Haraszti Futóparty - Dunaharaszti
It's a party... for running! Parties can get crazy right, well this one doesn't just stop at the standard 21km, but goes that extra mile(?) and has a CRAZY 28km distance for those of you who can't get enough! South of Budapest (but in the city) this one might be interesting to pop along to. Repeated 7km loops.
Route for 7km+ - Facebook

TRAIL - 3.8km, 10km and 21km
Zemplén Trail - Sátoraljaújhely
WOW! This trail run looks spectacular... And it has a super-muscled owl with 6 arms/wings as it's mascot! You are going to have to drive to this one as it is right on the Slovakian border north east of Miskolc!

Saturday 21st September

HALF MARATHON – 5.8km and 21km
28th Barcs - Virovicita Határfutás - Barcs
This race enters Croatia and then returns back to Hungary. A cross-boarder treat for anyone interested in the half marathon distance; we are sure anyone making the trip down to this one will be richly rewarded by a memorable event.

MARATHON - 10km, 21km and 42km
29th D24 Bódva-Völgyi Maraton - Edelény
The third event of the year at Edelény Castle, and this one is the full marathon distance!
Website - Facebook

TRAIL – 0.6km, 5km, 10km and 15km
Kristinus Jótékonysági TerepversenyKéthely
If running among vinyards on trails threadding through rolling hills is your thing, then this one might just be perfect for you! Set in the hills to the South of the Western end of Balaton, this might be a great oportunity to visit another facet of the region.
Website - Facebook

TRAIL & HALF MARATHON – 4km, 10.5km and 21km
2nd Tihany Cross - Belső tó, Tihany
A smaller affair then some of the other events held here in Tihany but, as the video on the website shows, a race which celebrates the achievement of every runner who takes part.
Website - Facebook

RACE – 2km, 8km, 17km and 25km
6th PanorámafutásSzob
A race which veritibly hugs the danube, if you want to experience the river whilst running, then er, this one is for you! Note: The start has changed location 4km up the river in Szob.
Website - Facebook

Adrelanine Terepakadályfutó Verseny - Szarkáspuszta
I included this event on the list because of it's 'reasonable' distance, more casual approach to obstacles (no flaming rivers here!) and it's genuine focus on a family friendly atmosphere.

RACE - 5km and 10km
1st FUTÓHOMOK FUTÁS - Tápiószőlős
Thanks to Google translate we have the following which sums things up better than I could do! "Come on, let's run one at Tápiószőlős. In a secluded part of the village, on a winding sandy path between fields, fields and forests. We are organizing a real sandy run for both big and small."

Sunday 22nd September

MARATHON - 5.2km, 10.5km, 21km and 42km
Miskolci Barátság Maraton 2019 - Miskolc
This event, in the East-Hungarian town of Miskolci offers all distances up to marathon. The town and area are worth a visit, especially the famous Miskolctapolca Cave Bath (it is great! I have been!).

FAMILY RACE - 2.2km, 5.4km and 10.2km
Családi futás a MALOMVÖLGYI TÓ körül - Pecs
Just to the south of must-see Pecs there is a little lake. Around this lake you can run, and on this day there is going to be a fun family friendly event.

HALF-MARATHON - 7km, 14km and 21km
Körös-körül a Körös körül Futófesztivál - Szarvas
With a nifty video of what looks like the route, this mixed road and light trail race seems like it will be a forward thinking community half marathon!
Website - Facebook - Registration

FREE 10KM COMMUNITY - 0.5km, 2.5km, 5km and 10km
1st Krumplifutam - Bugyi
Running is about joy and about doing something for you." Is the quote which greets you on this event's Facebook page. A shorter distance, with all the heart of all events. In it's first incarnation, it's goal seems to be to promote health and enjoyment in running. FREE!

TRAIL MARATHON - 1.2km, 2.4km, 10.5km, 21km and 42km
Nagyerdei TEREP Maraton - Debrecen
With... "a variety of track: various roads in the forest, sand and black sand" trail runners are in for a treat with this gem of an event in Hungary's 2nd city. Not visited the delights of Debrecen? Use this race as the excuse! Not only does it look to be well organised (it has it's website in English(!)) with a well aportioned race center, pasta party and refreshment stands on route, the route itself looks spectacular!
(EN) Website - Facebook - Registration

LIGHT-TRAIL/FAMILY - 0.4km, 0.8km, 1.1km, 1.6km, 3.5km and 10km
10th Soproni Cross Futás - Sopron
A family friendly light-trail (park) run in Sopron!

RACE - 2km, 3.5km, 7km and 14km
83rd Tata Tó Futás - Tata
A race around the lake at Tata. I found this tricky to figure out. If you know anything about this event please send me the details! :)

Saturday 28th September

Bükkösdi Bivaly Racing - Bükkösd
A little way away from Pecs you will find - on the 28th September - a rediculously challenging whole body (and running!) experience. Check it out, and be the bull!
Website - Registration

TRAIL - 5km and 13.5km
Futapest - Salgótarján cross-country race - Salgótarján
The most excellent Futapest organisation continue their joyful and joy-fuled events with this trail-filled installment!

TRAIL - 10km and 21km
6th Három a Károly terepfutóverseny, Sopron near Károly-kilátó
Having run around Sopron in the past I can highly recomend it (in fact I am considering this one myself). Not too much info, but I am sure it would be an adventure on the boarder of Hungary and Austria!

HILL SPRINT - 300m (65m elevation)
Húzós 300 // Sprintelj a Normafánál! - Normafa park, Budapest
Fancy something intense? Well this one is going to be tough! Only 300m but lots of height, and the ability to improve your times with repeated attempts.

TRAIL ULTRA - 2.8km, 13km (430m ascent), 26km (1150m) and 66km (2900m)
Ultra Trail Szilvásvárad - Szilvásvárad (exact location will be announced later)
Take in the spectacular Bükk mountains in the only way a trail runner can... By running the trails! The route is predominantly off-road, on unpaved forest roads and paths and will be fully marked with refreshments every 6km - 12km.
Website - Route - Registration

Sunday 29th September

HALF MARATHON – 10km & 21km
Esztergom Félmaraton - Széchenyi tér, Esztergom
A half marathon in the impressive city of Esztergom.

MARATHON – 7km, 30km & 42km
34th Spar Maraton - Budapest
Budapest's 'named' marathon is a well organised highlight for the year in the city. It offers a number of distances both for adults and children; this includes the interesting distance of 30km.
Website - Facebook


Sunday 3rd November

Tunnel Run - All distances up to 21km
BBU Halloween Run - 2019 - Site of the Kőbánya Brewery - Budapest

Similar to the 'Tunnel Run' in February but with a spooky "blood freezing" theme.

Website - Facebook

Sunday 10th November

RACE - 10km
3rd Szentendrei PanorámafutásSzentendre
There was little information at the time of writing. This entry will be updated once I know more!

Saturday – Sunday 16th -17th November

MARATHON - 21km and 42km
16th Balaton Maraton És FélmaratonSiófok
The annual marathon and half-marathon event on the Balaton.


Tuesday 31st December

ROAD RUNNING - 4.5km, 12km and 30km
35th Szilveszteri Pezsgőfutás - Agárd
End the year in style, the only style us runners know, by completing 30km in a bobble hat!
Website - Facebook


Saturday 5th October

6th 3Vulkán KalandfutásGyulakeszi
Situated north of Balaton, this ‘Volcano’ run looks a little bare-bones, but all the more adventurous for it! If you plan to do the 30km then be prepared for limited marking of the route, so make sure you have a device which can us GPX coordinates!
Website Facebook

NIGHT TRAIL AND ROAD – 1km, 2km, 5km, 10km, 10.5km and 21km.
Alkony Trail És Sárfehér Esti Futóverseny - Izsák
Trail for the longer distances, road for those 10km and shorter. This – now 5 year old event – community night run is going from strength to strength, extending the distance for the trail runners and promising ‘surprises’ for the road runners!

TRAIL ULTRA – 0.9km, 5.2km, 10.5km, 21km, 42km and 50km
Countryman Trail - Barnag
“Do you like challenges? Do you like to run in the woods? This course is for you!” A snazzy, but at the time of writing, website with minimal information for this event.
Website Registration

TRAIL – 3.8km and 10km
Futapest Terepfutás - Zebegény
Part of the Futapest series. That means cheap, very cheerful and with a decent level of competition. Travel info: Train: Bp. Nyugati pu. 8:07, 9:07 Weasel 8:57, 9:57 back: Weasel 13:02, 14:02 Bp West West. 13:54, 14:54

COMMUNITY EVENT – 3km and 13km
Hanságfutás 2019 - Jánossomorja
On road and hard dirt tracks, this event looks to be a well organised event with dressing and showering facilities. In the most north-western region of Hungary on the Austrian/Slovakian boarders it is an interesting part of the country to visit.
Facebook - Registration

TRAIL – 7km, 14km and 21km
Kishegy Trail - Balatonlelle, Kishegy, Parkerdő
On the shore of Lake Balaton this event offers a lovely chance to take the last of the warm weather with you before the winter sets in. 7km loops.
WebsiteFacebook - Registration

ULTRA – 84km
25th Rókaűzők - Váltófutóverseny - Pécs -> Kaposvár
I am not sure what to make of this one. It is an ultra which takes you from the city of Pécs to Kaposvár, for no reason I could discern. The event sounds wonderfully bonkers! A team event, with some sort of bus service to support runners.
WebsiteFAQ - Route

27th Sárvár-Fürdő Félmaraton - Sárvár
A long established half marathon in the western town of Sárvár. Unfortunately, the website shows the race information as a single image and cannot be translated.

(DOG) TRAIL – 5.4km and 14km
3rd Őszi Smafutam Terepfutóverseny - Maglód Nagyhíd
An easy event on the outskirts of Budapest. Route seems to be entirely on fields. The shorter distance seems to be a dog run!
Facebook - Route

HALF-MARATHON – 14km, 21km and relay options
Szolnoki Őszi Terep Félmaraton És Mozgásfesztivál - Szolnok, Széchenyi Ökoturisztikai Parkerdő
This event seems to be a mix of trail and road.

HALF-MARATHON – 7km, 14km and 21km
9th Tapolca Félmaraton - Tapolca / Csermák csarnok
“Run in the city of caves and water…” I the translated tag line for this exciting looking city half-marathon.
Website Facebook Route

TRAIL ULTRA – 50km and 108km
Vadlán Trail - Cserszegtomaj
Organised by runners who have a true love for the Keszthely Mountains. This Ultra takes one past castles, an active monastery and all the beauty that Zala country has to offer! Teams are accepted.
Facebook - Registration

Sunday 6th October

TRAIL – 1.5km, 3km, 8.5km, 13km and 22.5km
2trail - Mezítlábas / Terepfutó Verseny - Törökmezői Tanösvény
Two trails, one runner. Which one will you choose? Can’t choose? Then do BOTH! Got to love Google Translate sometimes… “We are inviting you to our unforgettable, romantic bourgeois off-road event”. So if you are feeling bourgeois, sign up to this one! Not only is there the race, but the event promotes itself as a family picnic.
Website Registration

DUATHALON – 15km Running and 30km Cycling
3vulkán Duatlon - Gyulakeszi
My goodness their website is a mess. But if a duathlon sounds like your thing this will be a great option!

TRAIL AND ROAD – Trail: 10km (310m) and 19km(640m) – Road: 9.7km(200m) and 18.5km(340m)
GARMIN WTF BUDA Terep- Vagy Aszfaltfutás - Szépjuhászné étterem, Budakeszi út 97
Apparently WTF stands for ‘Way to The Forest’. I could have sworn that it meant something else. Either way this event offers runners a choice, trails or road? Which one will you choose? Just out of Budapest and easily reached, this promises to be a lovely autumn race.

HALF MARATHON – 7km, 14km and 21km
13th Híros FélmaratonKecskemét, Benkó Zoltán Szabadidőközpont
The highlight of the running calendar (probably) in Kecskemét. Visit this historic town and run a half marathon! Exactly the point of this website!
Website Facebook Registration

TRAIL – 10km and 20km
Ősfenyves Futás - Fenyőfő, Ősfenyves
“Pine Running”, more like mushroom running (when you read the description). Truly enjoy the delights of the beginning of Autumn in this race. Mostly sandy wide paths.

Saturday 12th October

OBSTACLE – 2km, 6km, 12km and 20km
Hdr - Wild / Junior - kutyás akadályverseny - Eger, Baktai út
No translation here, this event names itself as a “A HARD DOG RACE”. And an extreme obstacle course you can complete… Wait, what? WITH YOU DOG! Excellent! … All I need to do is get myself a dog. But of you do happen to have one, I think this one will be a highlight for you and your four legged friend!

HALF MARATHON – 0.3km, 0.7km, 3km, 7km, 14km and 21km
1st Jászság Dinamikája Futónap - Jászberény
A half marathon set east of Budapest.
Facebook - Registration

SOPRON PAJZS - Terep, Akadályfutó Verseny - Sopron, Harkai út
Fancy something a little different? Like running, but feel like there isn’t enough jumping over things? Yes? Then this event in Sopron may be good for you!
Facebook - Registration

HALF MARATHON – 10km and 21km
Szőlős-Cserkút Körök Félmaraton - Kővágószőlős
Race in the most Hungarian sounding place ever! Just try to manually type all those accents without a Hungarian keyboard if you doubt the truth of the above!
Website - Registration

HALF MARATHON – 1km, 10.8km and 21.6km
Zagyva Running Futófesztivál - Zagyvaszántó
A half marathon to the east of Budapest.
Website Facebook - Registration

Sunday 13th October

TRAIL and DOG – 13km(340m) and 26km(730m)
Gerecse Mountain Trail - Vértestolna
A trail run in the Gerecse mountains (near Tata) with added dogs!

ASPHALT CRUSHING – 0.5km, 3km, 10km and 21km
12TH Szaggasd Az Aszfaltot - Bagod
Join the Zalaegerszeg Asphalt CRUSHERS in their domination of some hardpacked ground. A there and back again route along a cycle path with all the usual accoutrements including t-shirts for 3km, gloves for 10km and ‘water bag’ for 21km runners.
Website Registration

18th – 21st October

ULTRA – 21km, 42km 50km and 100km (6h, 12h and 24h durations)
Balatonfüred Ultramaraton - Aranyhíd stny., Balatonfüred
Run for up to 24 hours on a 2km route non-stop? Er. Sounds like madness! But it might be for you and if so sign up to this event on the shore of lake Balaton.
Website Facebook - Registration

Saturday 19th October

TRAIL – 45km (3x 15km) 1500m+
Panoráma Trail ZemplénZemplén
Connecting three magnificent castles, this trail event is going to be spectacular! Don’t believe me, watch last year’s promo video! It is a single direction race but it has a special bus service which will take you to the start on the morning of the event.
Website Registration

HALF MARATHON – 3.5km, 5km, 7km 14km and 21km
6th Farkasszigeti Daruvonulás - 4150 Püspökladány, Farkassziget 3.
An ecologically minded event in the east of Hungary.

TRAIL – 0.2km, 2km, 7km and 21km
Futapest Terepfutás - Szigetmonostor
The website wasn’t ready for this event at the time of writing. The event from earlier in the year which seems similar looked like a trail run on a Danube island adjacent to Szentendre north of Budapest. Organised by the excellent Futapest group.

TRAIL – 5km, 10km and 21km
Gostech Trail Terepfutás - Round Church, Öskü
Starting at a ‘round church’ and a dog friendly competition is about all the information there was available published for this trail run at the time of writing.

RACE – 5km, 11.5km and 23km
3rd Őrségi Félmaraton - Őriszentpéter, Körzeti Általános Iskola udvara
Good Foot Running organise this autumn event in the east of Hungary.
Website Facebook - Information

COMMUNITY RACE – 1.3km, 6.3km, 30.5km
TISZTELET A HŐSÖKNEK 1956 - Egyéni És Váltófutás - Weöres Sándor Általános Iskola - Tököl, Aradi u. 56.
To commemorate the events and “anonymous heros” of Hungary’s revolution in 1956. This event just south of Budapest aims to “strengthen community, camaraderie, perseverance and togetherness within teams.”
Facebook - Registration

Sunday 20th October

ULTRA – 85km
2nd Organicafx Running Oradea -> Debrecen Supermarathon – Oradea
This ultra takes you across the Romanian border from the town of Oradea (Nagyvarad in Hungarain) to Debrecen - Hungary's second largest city!

10km – 4km and 10km
Budapest Nato Run - District 1, Attila Street 135, Budapest
Promoting the work done by NATO, this event starts in Buda and runs towards the Danube. The route then proceeds along the bank taking in some of Budapest’s best sights.

TRAIL – 4.2km, 8.4km, 12.6km and (possibly) ‘Half-Marathon’
Krokodilfutás - Terephendi Káposztásmegyeren - Újpest, Farkaserdő
Part of a monthly series of events… with bite!
Website Facebook - Information

TRAIL – 13km (595m), 19km(750+) and 28km(1.200m)
Nyúlcipőbolt Mátra Trail - Mátrafüred
“The most technical route Rabbit Shoe Trail is waiting for you!” With three different distance options and the wonderful Mátra hills to explore, what are you waiting for?! (Oh, yes. The 20th October.)
Website Facebook - Registration

HALF MARATHON – 0.4km, 3.2km, 7km, 14km and 21km
1st Veresi Futónap - Veresegyház
Like running? Like mushrooms? Well this event’s t-shirt has you covered. 😉
Website Registration

Wednesday 23rd October

RACE – 2km, 11.5km and 21.4km
11th Kolonics György EmlékfutásBudapest
A half marathon within Budapest organised by BBU. A memorial event for a legendary Hungarian Olympian.
Facebook - Website

ULTRA - 6 hour (56km target)
3rd Pfb-Skanzenultra 6 órás verseny - Szentendre
A 6 hour event where your target is to complete 56km on a 2.43km track. Can be run solo, in pairs or in groups of three and four.
Website - Facebook

TRAIL - 21km (468m)
Csákvár ECO Trail Csákvár
With the tag line "Only you and the forest" this race sounds like an excellent option for anyone looking to hit some trails in race conditions. Not far from Budapest. Route has a wicked hill at the start then seems to mellow out afterwards.
Website Facebook

Saturday 26th October

TRAIL - 1.5km, 4.5km and 13.6km
Futapest terepfutás - Aszód
Part of the Futapest series of events.

TRAIL – 21.4km and 32.7km
Intersport TerepfutásCsillaghegy
A tough trail run which has a large number of people participating in some form or other. There is the option to walk shorter distances, or go all the way in take on the 32.7km 1000m+ assent of the longer route. You pass through some lovely countryside and a fake castle!
Website - Information Registration

TOWN OBSTACLE RACE – 1.3km, 7.5km and 12.5km
Dám Akadályfutó Verseny - Tamási
Obstacles in a town, you must be joking!? What, no? Well then this event seems to be something unique then. Have a look!

ULTRA TRAIL – 23km(790m), 42km(1300m) and 91km(3400m)
Hoka Forest Run - Zebegény
A MASSIVE race sponsored by the trainer brand HOKA. Hilly, forresty, traily and… fun?!
WebsiteFacebook - Registration

HALF MARATHON – 5km, 10km and 21km
32rd Várpalota Félmaraton - Thury Vár
Meet at the foot of the Bakony Hills for this long-‘running’ (geddit?!) half marathon! The start seems to be a castle.
Website - Facebook

Sunday 27th October

DANUBE 10KM – 0.5km, 4km and 10km
Dunaparti FutópartikEsztergom.
Part of a series in the spectacular Danube town – Esztergom.

CASTLE 10KM – 1km, 5km and 10km
Visegrád Fellegvár Csúcstámadás - Visegrád
Closing October will be “one of the most beautiful and hardest running races in Hungary.” How can one resist? Well, when you consider that the route takes runners from the banks of the Danube all the way up to one of the most historical sites in the country, with an outstanding panorama of one of the most beautiful parts of the Danube, it is no wonder the event promises to “…guarantee a smile on your face.”
Website Facebook

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