This site has been developed to help and support runners in Hungary. I hope you have found it to be so. I am always open for suggestions and ideas to improve things, so please do get in contact. That is the main point I want to get across, but if you do insist on reading on to find out more about me as the owner of RunningClub.hu then do so... But be aware, I'm pretty boring.

My name is Anthony Constable, I have lived and run all around the world (Prague, Shanghai, Manchester, Budapest), seeking new races and ways to enjoy our self-flagellating sport. On having moved to Budapest I have developed as a runner and in no small part is this down to the amazing variety in races and options for routes which we find here in Hungary. Whilst these options are there, they are not always easily available to non-Hungarian speakers.

Hungary is a rich country, in nature, history and culture. I see that running is one way of accessing these things. You will find that some of the races are at the site of a castle, or run through magnificent mou... hill ranges, or through communities proud of their heritage offering signs in multiple languages so that you are able to tap into the stories of the area, or... Well I could go on. And I will, in the pages of this website, and on the Next Steps blog.

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Run easy, and build strength...


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