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Be rewarded with GOLD!

...Sort of.

Today’s article is all about reward. No, not the physical rewards that come with dedicated training a culminate in a satisfying performance at a race. Nor, the mental help running provides by developing focus, calming the mind and allowing escape. No, none of those things. Instead today our focus is one of more commercial providence; the Spuri Aranykártya Program AKA the Spuri Gold Card. You all like discounts, right?

The easiest races to find in Hungary are often those events organised by BSI. These are the big ones in Budapest, including the City Marathon and Half Marathons as well as others. It turned out, as I found in December last year, that by participating in these races that I was being put forward for a specialist discount card with offers on sports stores, health services and other sports related companies around Hungary.

The magic number is 5. That is the number of races you need to hit. Another magic number is 75 – which is the number of “runner kilometres” you need to hit in BSI events which can be obtained also by cycling and swimming using a conversion table. All of this is done automatically by their system and – just like I did – if you qualify you get an email in December for the following year.

Now to all those lovely discounts. There are two key discounts to cover. First 20% off any BSI (think www.futanet.hu) organised events. Second, 6% off any product in any Spuri Futobolt in Hungary. Spuri is a great store for all your running needs and that discount is great, especially if you are interested in buying an expensive new pair of shows. Of course, there are other stores available (e.g. https://www.nyulcipobolt.hu/ !) so shop (and share the love) around!

Another race which contributes to the card.

Finding ancillary services in support of your running can be a challenge. Friends who have had injuries tell of a mixture of uncertainty, high costs for expats and a lack of the specific specialisms needed for a runner when speaking to practitioners. Here is where the next little gem of a list comes in handy as a reward for your running efforts. Follow the link HERE to see a decent list of services; including, health services, sports services, tourist services and ‘other’ services. These range from massages, to rehabilitation, to hotels and finally garages and bars. All with some form of discount for card holders.

Saying that, it seems like a physical card isn’t available. The email and membership number are all you need to use your Spuri Gold Card! Also, I heard that it improves your PBs by 6% over the year too!

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