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'Coffee' for Value

Updated: Feb 11

Thank you everyone for your support of Running Club HU so far. It has meant a lot to me and in some ways, it is because of this that I am in some way hesitant to post this... I am now offering the option for donations to cover the cost of running the website. There are two reasons for this, but to be clear, it is 100% optional and I have no plans to make RCHU into any kind of business.

The website - as it is currently - costs around 300 Euros to maintain. It is hosted by Wix.com . Whilst I am not in any way destitute, let's just say my personal situation allows for lots of time to train and maintain the site and doesn't set me on a trajectory to any kind of 'rich list'.

There is a psychological element in it too. I don't have any kind of plan to turn this into a business, but I would be hugely motivated by someone sending me a few Euros every now and then. This will help keep me focused and make sure that the information you get on runningclub.hu is a accurate, supportive and motivating as it can be.

"Value for Value". This is the approach I am taking here. So if you found a race through the Race Calendar which was amazing, or read one of the articles on the 'Next Steps' blog that helped you with your training, or found someone to run with in our lovely Strava community, maybe you could consider tossing me a coin or two...

As always. Thank you for your support in whatever way you show it.

Kind regards,


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