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Covid-19 - Races Cancelled and Postponed in Hungary


It seems like the whole of Europe is on shutdown. This includes running races and events in Hungary which are all 'dropping like flies'. Cancellations and postponements are the norm for all events which are coming up over the next two weeks and the expectation is that this state of affairs will carry on for some time.

Big events which have been effected include...


21st - VI. Knauf Tihany Half Marathon - POSTPONED (Autumn)

21st - BakonyRUN 5.0 - POSTPONED (ASAP)

22nd - Ensport Vértes Terep Maraton - POSTPONED

29th - Dunakanyar Félmaraton - POSTPONED (21st September)


5th - Telekom Vivicittá Félmaraton - POSTPONED (Possibly cancelled)

What should you do? (from RCHU's perspective ;-) )

The most important thing is to keep running (if you feel well). The air isn't poisoned. All the mental and health benefits of running continue. And the government here in Hungary have only cancelled events over 500 people. This too shall pass, and why not come out of it a stronger runner?

Regularly check the website and social media for events you plan to attend. Events and organisers in Hungary should be applauded for their openness and communication over this period, often going above and beyond to the benefit of participants in what must be a very difficult time. Refunds and other more creative options are often available, though this may be only expressed in Hungarian. Contact the event organisers if you are unsure, or message me and I will do what I can to help! Use the Race Calendar for links to all the key sources of information.

Race information comes from social media, not medical information. Only take advice on what to do to support you and your family from the Covid-19 virus from governments and medical professionals. Don't feed the fires of misinformation and panic.

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