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The Futapest Trail-Race Series - Expat Helpdesk!

Interested in a well organised series of 20-24 trail runs in the hills, villages and regions around Budapest? Read this article for more information.

Futapest is a small running club, established in 1980, which specialises in organising cheap but friendly races in the vicinity of Budapest. According to their website (futapest.hu), they organise 20-24 races per year. These are all trail runs, on service roads and countryside walking paths around small villages. The routes are always signed with ribbons, arrows and the occasional guide, too, who cheer you on and take a photo just when you want to give it up.

The detailed race info usually appears about a month before the race and contains the route, the distance, the age groups, the GPS coordinates and tips how to get to the place by public transport. A race costs 2000 huf at the moment if you sign up in advance, but you only pay at the start. Signing up is very easy through the website. If you decide to change your mind, you can just send them an email and they will remove you from the start list. Also, there is a chance to sign up at the start, it costs 3000 huf. Refreshments (hot, sugary tea in winter!) are included in the fee, plus a medal and a place to get changed (in the winter, again, in the summer changing after the race is not that important 🙂 ). At the end there is an award ceremony for the three best runners in each age group.

There is also an overall scoring system every year. The idea is that the more races you participate in, more points you collect which count towards an award at the end of the year. The scores are added up by short and long distance, and by age groups. Every January there is a ceremony for the best runners of the previous year.

The next race is in Vácrátót, near Göd, on 15th March with a 5km and a 12.4km run. See you there?

Click here for the race info.

Current planned Futapest races are as follows.

Vácrátót  - Friday 15th March - Race Info

Albertirsa - Sunday 31st March - Race Info

Verőce - Saturday 6th April - Race Info

Dorka, resting to enjoy a mid-run view!

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