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Running Tips and Tricks: January 2019 #1 How to register for BSI events in 10 easy steps

One of the major race organisers in Budapest is BSI (or, Budapest Sportiroda). They currently have 9 events on the registration page in a myriad of options and distances, but only 4 on the English version of the site. This post will be a short guide to accessing a much broader range of BSI races using the Hungarian language pages.

Website guide

runinbudapest.com - The English/international page which only shows the organisation's flagship races

futanet.hu - The Hungarian page which shows all the races!

https://nevezes.futanet.hu/ - The registration pages for BSI races.

As you can see to the left, there are additional races such as the Zuzmara which one would simply not find if one stayed on the English versions of the pages. Even though they have no overt English support, these other races are just as well organised and enjoyable for any intrepid runner to have a go!

TIP 1: The simple trick when it comes to unlocking the potential of such races here is to never, and I repeat, never, click the English language button in the top right. As soon as you do that, at any point, you are kicked out of the Hungarian pages and have to start again.

TIP 2: In addition to that you will find it very useful if you install the Google translate app for your web browser. Many of you will have already done this, but it is worth repeating as this is such a handy tool. It will translate the words of a website, but have no other effect, so you can flip between the languages willy-nilly with no problems. The chrome app can be found here.

How to register on BSI/Futanet.hu: A tutorial

Step 1: Using our Race Calendar you may click on a link for information or registration and come to a page that looks a little like this. Above is the BSI page for Zuzmara; the BSI run the website http://www.futanet.hu. The red button 'Nevezek most' means, register now! Click this.

Step 2: Often each event will have multiple races. Some of these races are parts of a series and these are shown by the small icons to the left of the city name. You just need to check carefully which race you wish to enter and click the correct one! Note: when registering for your first race you will be given an account. From that point on you should login using the box on the left whenever you wish to register for a BSI/futanet race.

Step 3: On the next page there are two buttons in English. Choose the one which says... "It is the first time I visit this webpage, so I register." On the next page you can begin to enter some details (with English on the site as shown below). You do not need to enter a personal identity code yet...

Step 4: the next form is in English so you can go ahead and put your own personal details in to register. If you are unclear as to any part, that probably means you can skip it (Champion Chip number etc.).

Step 5: At the end of registration you receive a personal identity code. You don't need this in order to log in, but you will need it for the race registration. Now, because you clicked some English as part of the registration process you are now on the English pages which have the reduced race offering. Reload www.futanet.hu and log in using your new username and password on the Hungarian page.

Step 6: Find the race you want - again! Then click - again! the red "nevezek most". You should then be able to click a grey "nevezek" button on the next page, (see below) and finally register for your race.

Step 7: This is what it looks like when you are actually registering. We have colour coded it here to help you know what to do with each part.

Red: choose your fee, Alap = Adult, diak = Student (with student ID). If in doubt, take the more expensive option.

Orange: Are you running in a company team? If so, click this box. Otherwise, move on.

Yellow: Your t-shirt size. We find they are often slightly oversized, so err on the smaller side.

Green: Time. What do you expect to run this race in? What time have you run for this distance in the past? This will affect your start group.

Blue: Tick this if you want everyone to know this is your first attempt at this distance.

Indigo: Emergency contact details (a name and phone number will be enough)

Violet: If you would like a name on your race bib other than your real name then type something here.

Finally, when all of this is complete click Nevezes!

Step 8: This page asks if you would like to register for more races at the same time before paying. If you want to register more people for the same race click the top one. If you want to register yourself for more races click the middle one. Otherwise, if you are done and want to pay click the bottom one! Following this page you have a chance to review your purchases. Click "bankkártyás fizetés".

Step 9: You are then sent to the OTP payment page, which should be pretty clear for all. Once payment has been successful you are registered!

Step 10: You should receive many emails for the race between now and the big day. You can also log in on the registration website and check your account. On the big day you simply need your confirmation email on your phone and some ID in order to pick up your race pack and make your way to the start! ----

Well, this ended up being a long post. But we hope it is useful. The registration process is cumbersome, but once you have cracked it, it opens up a whole new world of races for you in Budapest and beyond!

Happy running!

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