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January Route Focus #1 - Szépvölgy Hills

First up, the incline at the start is a BEAST! But, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that it is 100% worth the effort. This route is a test of one's fitness and determination whilst offering an immediate sense of escape from the city!

So, join us as we climb, climb, climb high above Budapest into the hills, ridges and meadows which can be found above Szépvölgy...

Route: 'Szépvölgy Hills'

Distance: 15.42km

Start: Kolosy ter

End: Kolosy tér GPs: LINK

Suggested Shoes: Light Trail Terrain: Sharp inclines on wooded trails, stairs and asphalt.

Virág Benedek u.

Step 1: Starting at Kolosy tér you begin by following Szépvölgyi út until a small road peels off to the right - Virág Benedek u. Go along this short road until you find a set of steps on the right.

Step 2: At the top of the steps continue up the road until the junction. This is the start of the trail. There are wooden steps up to the first hill 'Mátyáshegy'. Follow the 'blue cross' route.

In less than 2km you come across surprising and interesting sights. This maze is just one of the many mysteries of the route!

Step 3: At 2km the trail joins a small road. Turn right on this, then immediately left on Erdőhát út. At approximately 2.4km follow the blue cross back into the woods.

Step 4: At 2.8km you leave the blue cross and join a road. Follow the road Hármashatárhegyi út. for 800 metres. There are alternative parallel tracks if you wish to keep off the road. Join the 'green cross' path to the right.

Step 5: By 3km you have climbed approximately 250 metres! And it is here that things finally level off. You follow first the 'green cross' and then the 'green line' routes staying almost level for 3.3km. This section offers good footing, and excellent views. Recover and enjoy!

The path stays roughly level along a ridge with excellent views of the Danube to the east.

Step 5: This is our turnaround point. At 6.8km take a steep left up to a meadow. Follow the path across the meadow until you join the 'blue cycling' path. Follow this for 2.3km.

Step 6: You approach a knot of paths. Look for the 'blue line' to the left.

Step 7: Following this path, once again uphill, takes you along an old carriage track, past an unexpected football pitch and recreation space and finally to Árpád-kilátó for lovely views of Budapest to the south. This is the final peak before you begin to descend.

Step 8: To the right of the lookout/kilátó follow the steep descent (green line) down to the road Törökvész út which you follow. Turn left at the roundabout and then take the first right, which takes you off the main road onto Felső Zöldmáli út.

Step 9: Follow Felső Zöldmáli út - which for a short period becomes Also Zöldmáli út - for 2 km where you can take a short path away from the road to the left down to the junction opposite the Daubner bakery. Turn right onto the main road for a short while which gets you back to Kolosy tér.

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