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Running Tips and Tricks: January 2019 #2 The 'Jogging Ticket'

Our most recent Route Focus blog post was all about the running track on Margitsziget. This one is about how to make the most of your time visiting the location. Unsurprisingly, as we are in Budapest, Hungary, it involves a spa!

Did you know, you can combine a workout with a post-run well-earned visit to a spa? Well it is true at the Palatinus Baths! Not only that, but it is pretty easy to do. Hidden from us 'I-will-sign-up-for-Hungarian-lessons-next-spring/summer/autumn/winter' English speakers is some important fine print with regards the 3-hour running ticket.

Note: "17 hours deposit is not required" Actually means that after 5pm a deposit is not required.

The beauty of this ticket is that you can make use of the lockers, showers and the spa straight after your run! You get two wrist bands, one for your locker and the other to allow exit and reentry. At the entrance - pictured above - go left and not through the turnstiles (in summer). Say the following at the ticket office and you will be on your way! "Kaphatok három óra futás jegyet, kérem?" .

The spa itself is small but fully equipped and was only renovated last year. There is a Finnish sauna (small but excellent), geothermal sauna and steam room for those who like to get hot and sweaty! Saying that, a runner just wants a good soak in a warm pool immediately after a run, so your priority will be the pools. There is a thermal pool as well as a hot and cold pool able to sooth your tired legs.

Every time we have partaken in the Running Ticket the indoor spa area has been very quiet and we assume this is especially so in winter. So, shake off those winter blues, make training in the cold cold days of January and February just that little bit more pleasurable, and pop down to Margitsziget and the Palatinus baths. But, before you do have a look again at our post on the running track around Margitsziget. And happy running/spa-ing! Also, remember to follow Running Club Hungary on Strava, Facebook and Twitter.

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