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Ortler Sky Trails 2020 - Italian Alps

Updated: Jan 4

Occasionally I have been getting emails from events which would like me to mention them on this website. I take this as a good sign; anyone who is taking the time to dig up this page out of the morass that is the internet is clearly working hard to improve their race and might be worth your attention.

With this in mind... Here I present the 'Ortler Sky Trails 2020'!!! *applause*

We are organisers of the Ortler Sky Trails, a running event in the Italian alps coming summer.
During the 2019 edition we welcomed participants from 25 countries, including some Hungarian runners.
That is why I would like to inform people in Hungary about the event- it is a really unique and fantastic race in the region around the world famous Passo dello Stelvio.

The Ortler Sky Trails are a series of alpine trail events on the 10th-12th of July 2020 [ED. Previously this read "December", sorry!]. Distances range from 2.5km with 850m elevation to a massive 80.5km and 5600m of elevation. The real selling point of this event is the backdrop. Spectacular alpine trails form the majority of the route; I have lost a big chunk of time just watching videos of the area it is that amazing. The Passo dello Stelvio itself looks to be a truly hair-raising road... Just go an look at some pictures.

Personally I have become increasingly mesmerized by the possibilities of ultra and trail races. Here is one which might grab your attention and refuse to let you go. Click on the link and #prayforyourlegs.

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