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Quick Update!

Hello everyone.

Long time, little activity. As many of you will know, I have been focused on a marathon (I got Sub-3!! Success!) which happened a couple of weeks ago. This held my attention and towards the end of the training meant there was little RCHU activity. This is going to change.

First up!

In a couple of weeks there will be a Half Marathon next to the Balaton. I plan to do this event and offer my car for transport. Sign up on the RCHU event page.

Second up!

Trails! We all love them. They have hills, technical ankle twisting tracks and stones which you can somehow kick (which is painful) into yourself (which is doubly painful!). Well, you lucky people. Over the next few months the key workouts here on RCHU will be - for the most part - trail based.

The plan is to have the 'Long Run' each Sunday to be on the trails working from approx 15km-20km up. We will aim to have a long and a short route as things start to develop. The first event will be on Sunday 10th November, so get signed up!

Visit our Strava page for more info, or comment below if any of this interests you.

That is it for now. Have fun!

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