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Aliens, Tunnels and Half-Marathons! OH MY!

Truly a unique running experience. Don't expect any personal bests here, just come for the fun of running. Descend into an old quarry into near complete darkness lit by tea-lights, and progress through tunnels and caves filled with light installations, interesting art and neon performances.

Date: 23rd February 2019

Location: Köszi X.Ker, Előd u. 1., Budapest, Hungary, 1105

Distances: Half-Marathon (individual/relay), various children's races, 4.7km and 7km

Type: Tunnel run!

Cost: 8000/9000 ft - Half Marathon

Information - Registration

RunningClub.hu attended this event in 2018 and thoroughly enjoyed it. The route takes you above ground to a park before entering the depths below Budapest and the old underground warehouse of the Dreher Brewery. The first time you enter into the darkness it is amazing. We found, last year, the route lit just enough to maintain a good pace whilst each turn held new surprises; repeated loops (3 for the half) became a matter of looking forward to one chamber or another.

By surprise, it isn't the 'scare-you-out-of-your-skin' type of surprise, but interesting ones, exciting ones, ones which wouldn't be as engaging in another environment but with the speed and pressure of the wanting to do well in the race and the primal fear of the dark, these became little joys. The way sound works down there, it isn't until the moment you enter a chamber that each experience is fully revealed.

This year the event is Alien themed and with this change I suspect BBU (website / facebook) will have plenty of creative ideas to excite even returning runners. For those who are in the city on this date we highly recommend attending for an exhilarating and rewarding experience. The following pictures take you step by step through the registration process.

1) Click the registration link above.

2) One needs to register with BBU. Click on the Yellow button and follow the instructions to do this.

3) Choose your race. Blue for you. Orange for someone else.

4) Choose your payment option. We suggest bank transfer as this is easy with internet banking. See below for support.

Amount: ?? depends on the races chosen. This should be clear.

Benificiary: Nagy Sportágválasztó, BBU Nonprofit Kft.

Bank: UniCredit Bank

Number: 10918001-00000074-77290008

Narrative: [The notice must include the name (individual or team name), the race and the date of birth.] e.g. Smith Bob, Alagút félmaraton (egyéni) – 21 km, 01/01/2001

5) Payment on your internet banking system.


Just turn up on the day with plenty of time to get your race number and you are sorted. Get ready for one of the most interesting runs ever.

Go over to our Strava group for the event to join RCHU at this run.

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