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Races! And Training! And, ITS TOO DAMN HOT! ...Oh my!

Happy National Day everyone!

You might have noticed (if you are in the Strava group) there has been much more action around these parts in recent days. Things are hotting up (urrrgh, no more please!) and marathon training is in full swing. Also I have personally signed up to a bunch of races which I am very excited for and are set up as events on the RCHU Strava page.

Both, our training sessions and the race events are open to anyone to join (though some training sessions may be tougher than others). Please do sign up! Whilst running is a joyful activity when solo, from time to time it is great for us to come together.

Anyone who is at all concerned that there would be pressure if you come once to keep coming (and you like your solitude), or you don't think you are good enough (that is certainly not true!) it is OK! There is absolutely no pressure to come again, or even at all, to a training session and no matter what your ability we will never leave anyone lagging and feeling awful.

Anyway, this is getting long enough. My final point is a request. I will be updating the race calendar on the website this week and if you know of any running events, please link to them in the discussions below ESPECIALLY if the website is only in Hungarian; I love the challenge!

Run easy, and build strength.


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