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Sziget Run - Ortler Giveaway February 2020

1st Feburary 2020, Sziget Run. The weather matched the experience, it was glorious!

This month's Sziget Run was a little bit special. The weather was perfect; a refreshing winter sunshine and a 'warming' 10 degrees Celsius. We had a race to run; and a community of runners came from all over Budapest and coalesced on Margaret Island to celebrate their sport. And... we had prizes!

The Sziget Run, organised by Hayden at www.morfitrun.com, is a monthly 5km jaunt around Margaret Island. It is free and timed, and brings together runners in a relaxed environment. You can be as competitive as you want, some excellent runners turn up and the website records all entries, highlighting personal bests, fastest times for the event etc. But, success is truly measured in the participants' joy of taking part and (hopefully) the feeling that training at any level is paying off.

This month was slightly different. RCHU had been lucky enough to gain two tickets for the Ortler Sky Trails event (July 10th - 12th) as a prize. This event - in the Italian Alps - has an instant WOW factor. As soon as I saw the background video on the web-page I was hooked into finding out more; I spent an hour consuming pictures of the spectacular scenery and imagining myself combating the very challenging/satisfying routes on offer. It was inspirational. I am very thankful to Ortler for offering the tickets, and we can congratulate Ezster for winning the raffle.

The lucky winner of two tickets to the Ortler Sky Trails!

As time proceeds inexorably on, and our victories of the day have been sought and won, we have to look forward to something again in the future. Luckily for everyone, Hayden will be running the Sziget Run again next month! Sign up to it at www.morfitrun.com. Also, if you didn't happen to be the lucky winner of today's prize you can still sign up to the Ortler Sky Trails, just go to https://ortlerskytrails.it/ , go on, you won't regret it (but your legs might ;-) )!

For now, enjoy the gallery of pictures taken at today's GLORIOUS Sziget Run.

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