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Weird and Wild Tunnel Adventures - BBU Föld Alatti Futás - 2019 REVIEW

Returning to a previously run race can be a curious mix of nostalgia and pressure, as one attempts to better a fast time and relive an enjoyable experience. Thankfully, this Saturday, all such considerations were way out of our minds at RCHU as the BBU Föld Alatti Futás, AKA 'The Tunnel Run', guaranteed and delivered a unique experience once again.

Off we go again... :-)

If you were able to read our preview of the race you will be aware of the theme (Aliens) and its unique terrain (intentionally poorly lit tunnels). These, in combination, meant that for the intrepid runner each turn was a step into the unknown, even for those who had run the race previously.

This year the weather was fine, with above ground temperatures around 1-3 degrees centigrade with a slight breeze and underground rising to a sweltering 8 degrees centigrade. This change in temperature came as a package as runners delved deep into the dark, the first section underground being one of the least lit in the whole course giving little time for eyes to adjust but increasing the excitement to the max.

There were performances and projections again this year. With neon-clad dancers, a 'Men-In-Black' scene where - on turning one of the many blind corners - runners were faced by suited men standing eerily to attention in sunglasses ready to memory-erase anyone who saw too much... and 'space-people', ready to give anyone unwary a real fright!

There were some small modifications to the course which can be considered improvements. The course seemed to be extended just before entering the tunnel system. And the entry (though not the exit) to the tunnels had been changed, reducing congestion at busy times and locations on the course. The shorter races were changed so as to not overlap with the half-marathon, again to reduce congestion in the dark and ensure a more consistently mysterious experience.

Video made by the good people at... www.sportagvalaszto.hu

Once again, this event offered a unique and fun-orientated half marathon race and the runners here at RCHU are already looking forward to next year!


Remarkable as it sounds we had someone on the podium! Anthony Constable of RCHU came third in the Half Marathon race! Full results can be found by following this LINK.

Half Marathon

Férfi Men

NAGY Péter 01:23:37

KLING Sándor 01:28:30

ANTHONY Constable 01:29:54

Nő Women

MAKOVICS Dora 01:39:05

HEGYI-SÁGI Adrienn 01:42:31

KOVÁCS Krisztina Tímea 01:48:23

Note: Thank you to BBU and www.sportagvalaszto.hu for the video and some of the pictures in this article.

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